"The light of the jewel illuminates the jewel itself." ~The Third Ancestor

February 24, 2012

Philippine Folk Dances

"OBANDO" named after a town in Bulacan. Obando Dance is a dance of rural Philippines. Attire is the native "balintawak" and "salakot" for the ladies and "barong tagalog and "buntal" hats for the gentlemen.
PANDANGGO STA CLARA or OBANDO DANCE is a fertility dance popular in Bulacan. The dancers hope to find a wife, a husband, or a child.

SAKUTING - a folk dance of the Ilocanos usually performed during Christmas. Groups of boys and girls go to perform from house to house receiving many gifts in return. Note the two sticks used to produce the rhythmic sound. (Baranggay Folk dance Troupe Philippine Normal College).

 KUMENTANG - The graceful hand movements from the wrist going clock or counter clockwise while danding. this is atypical Characteristic movement of the hands in Philippine folk dances.

Native dresses brightens the countryside during harvest time. In the background is the world's most perfect cone-shaped volcano, THE MAYON.